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October 21, 2017, 11:49:44 AM
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 on: October 17, 2017, 07:29:35 PM 
Started by Jejima - Last post by Jejima
I have brought forward the automatic deadline for the Bench Sumo Quiz over at the Sumo Forum to this Friday (might be Saturday morning, in your time zone).  Still time to make an entry!

The following 17 players have entered (or part entered) already.....


Still time to make your entry!


 on: October 15, 2017, 02:20:54 AM 
Started by Jejima - Last post by Jejima
Hi everybody!

For a bit of fun, I have made a Bench Sumo Quiz (total of 15 questions), using the Poll option at the Sumo Forum.

Please have a go (don't look up the answers - make educated guesses!)

Part 1 of Bench Sumo Quiz:

Part 2 of Bench Sumo Quiz:

Part 3 of Bench Sumo Quiz:

Part 4 of Bench Sumo Quiz:

Part 5 of Bench Sumo Quiz:

Good luck!


 on: October 07, 2017, 09:20:06 PM 
Started by Jejima - Last post by Jejima
Hi everyone!

Here is the new banzuke for November 2017.  It was put together by Jejima, Flohru and Kaiomitsuki, under the watchful eyes of Kintamayama, Ekigozan and Asashosakari.

With the expansion of sanyaku from 8 to 10 members, and with the sad intai of the Yokozuna (and for lower down the division, the 0-0-15 from Ekigozan), it has meant that there is LOADS of good banzuke luck being handed out this basho.  (Be warned!  If the sanyaku gets reduced back to 8 after November, it will be bad luck time for the January 2018 banzuke - so best to get a KK next time around ;-))

Bench Sumo banzukes are made using a 'dynamic banzuke making principle' which means that they are made a little differently to Ozumo and (probably) other sumo games.  Basically we look to always give the demotions due to players, to the possible benefit (good banzuke luck!) of players with KKs lower down the banzuke.  It means that in the long run, KK players have a better chance of going up the banzuke at a reasonable pace.

Some banzuke comments:-

ScreechingOwl is the new Ozeki.  By Bench tradition, he has to join the 'end-of-the-queue' at O2E, which means Itachiyama, (who was absent in September) is now O1W.  Despite being kadoban for November, Rubensan now sits atop the Bench banzuke for the first time ever at O1E.  Omedetou!

All three Sekiwakes are on Ozeki runs! 

By Bench tradition, newly demoted Susanoo gets the last Sekiwake spot, which (to balance the three Ozekis above), means S2W.  He needs at least 10 wins to be guaranteed a return to Ozeki 'the quick way'.

Jakusotsu had that amazing 12-day-winning-streak to take the yusho in September.  In his previous basho, he had a mere 8-7 KK from mid-way down the banzuke.  This means that a double digit KK might be enough for him to be promoted to Ozeki after November.

Perhaps Hokuyutaka has the easiest route to promotion to Ozeki?  He followed his 12-3 Yusho in July, with a 10-5 Jun-Yusho (at komusubi) in September.  Based on the numbers, any kind of KK might be enough for him to get the promotion!

By Bench tradition (which is different to the tradition regarding Ozekis....), Kosho komusubis get moved to the end of the queue, so Metzinowaka takes the K2W slot.  We have a Bench Banzuke making guideline that the sanyaku should be 8 players, but can be expanded up to 10 players in certain cases.  This means that Itachi very nearly was not promoted to komusubi...  He can thank the former Yokozuna for his intai, to free up a 10th place for him to slip into!

If all 10 of the sanyaku turn up in November, then there should be 45 matches between the sanyaku members.  That is three all-sanyaku bouts each day throughout the basho.  That means there will be LOADS of points available for the Outstanding Performance Prize (get ready Marushiki!), and the ZQoSA could well be high-scoring too, despite the absence of a Yokozuna.

Joi-jin players are those who can be expected to have matches against sanyaku players at some stage of the tournament.  Basically, it is the players who round out the 'top 16' - below the sanyaku.  If everyone turns up, it means we will have a very shallow joi-jin.  It would only dip down to the two M3s.

I expect to be the torikumi maker for Makunouchi in November.  If this is the case, I will divide the joi-jin into three.  The two M1s can expect to face every member of the sanyaku with very little (if any) exception.  The two M2s can also expect to meet every member of the sanyaku, however (if they are not themselves in the yusho race) they might skip one or two of the top ranks, who are needed to fight a yusho-hopeful from lower down the banzuke.  If either of the M3s are in the yusho race, they can expect to face all (or nearly all) of the sanyaku.  If they are not in the yusho race, they can expect to meet most of the non-genki (i.e. not in the yusho race themselves) sanyaku.

Lower Makunouchi
From Leonishiki's promotion to M5W to the very bottom of the Makunouchi division, there is LOTS of banzuke luck for KK players (getting big promotions), and some luck for MK players too, getting less than a normal demotion.

Some interesting notes....
Hana-ichi keeps her rank on the banzuke at M12W, despite recording a MK!  (This might be a first in the history of Bench Sumo for a Makunouchi player outside of the Ozeki/Yokozuna ranks.)

The two KOSHO players at the bottom of the division, actually go up a rank, as the bottom of the division has shrunk, thanks to the expansion of the sanyaku.

The promoted players from Juryo will be very happy!
Roundeye and GONZABUROW both end up mid-table (under more usual circumstances, they would be at the bottom of the division.)  On other banzukes, Holleshoryu could easily have been kept in Juryo, yet he is now ranked at a fairly safe M12E rank.  Perhaps the player getting the biggest surprise, will be toonoryu.  The Juryo Yusho winner (10-5) has been promoted all the way to Makunouchi from J9W!

8-7s (with the one exception of shimodahito) all get moved up two ranks.  (Normally, they would expect a one-rank promotion only).  Perhaps the biggest surprise in the second division, is for Makushita Yusho winner (10-5) ihopeso.  He has been promoted all the way to J12E from ms8W!

The former Yokozuna, Kitakachiyama, declined the offer to rejoin the banzuke at the ms10W rank, preferring to start at the very bottom.  However, this is almost the same, being ms14W.  I predict that he will be in Juryo by early 2018.

Anyways, enjoy the banzuke - you are probably going to have some banzuke luck with your rank!

Jejima (BS rijicho)
Rubensan 7-8 ([O2W]) O1 Itachiyama KOSHO ([O1E])
ScreechingOwl 10-5 ([S1W]) O2
Hokuyutaka 10-5 ([K1E]) S1 Jakusotsu 12-3 ([M6W])
                                       S2 Susanoo 6-9 ([O1W])
Gaijingai 10-5 ([M3E]) K1 Damimonay 9-6 ([M1E])
Itachi 10-5 ([M4W]) K2 Metzinowaka KOSHO ([K1W])

Gurowake 10-5 ([M7E]) M1 Saruyama 8-7 ([M3W])
Yassier 10-5 ([M8W]) 2 Ruziklao 8-7 ([M5E])
tokugawa 7-8 ([M2E]) 3 Achiyama 9-6 ([M8E])
Taka 8-7 ([M6E]) 4 Chocshoporyu 6-9 ([M1W])
Norizo 8-7 ([M7W]) 5 Leonishiki 8-7 ([M10W])
pandaazuma 7-8 ([M5W]) 6 Haidouzo 10-5 ([M15E])
Pitinosato 5-10 ([M2W]) 7 Konosato 3-12 ([S1E])
Yamashade 10-5 ([M16E]) 8 Kintamayama 5-10 ([M4E])
Oshirokita 8-7 ([M15W]) 9 Roundeye 9-6 ([J1E])
GONZABUROW 10-5 ([J3W]) 10 Watashi 6-9 ([M9E])
tainosen KOSHO ([M11E]) 11 Flohru 6-9 ([M9W])
Holleshoryu 9-6 ([J4W]) 12 Hana-ichi 7-8 ([M12W])
nomadwolf KOSHO ([M13E]) 13 Boltbutthamma KOSHO ([M13W])
Getayukata 6-9 ([M12E]) 14 Gawasukotto 5-10 ([M10E])
kuroimori 5-10 ([M11W]) 15 toonoryu 10-5 ([J9W])
Chimatayama KOSHO ([M17E]) 16 Furanohana KOSHO ([M17W])

Bill 6-9 ([M14E]) J1 Anjoboshi 7-8 ([M16W])
Terarno 7-8 ([J1W]) 2 Fujisan KOSHO ([J2W])
Tsunamiko 8-7 ([J5E]) 3 mischashimaru 8-7 ([J5W])
Jejima 8-7 ([J6E]) 4 Chijanofuji 8-7 ([J6W])
Unkonoyama 10-5 ([J11E]) 5 Sherlockiama 9-6 ([J9E])
Mariohana 8-7 ([J8E]) 6 Frinkanohana 8-7 ([J8W])
kamogawa 6-9 ([J4E]) 7 Kaiomitsuki 3-12 ([M14W])
Sebunshu 8-7 ([J10E]) 8 andonishiki 7-8 ([J7W])
Fujiko 8-7 ([J11W]) 9 Andoreasu 9-6 ([ms1E])
fujiyama 9-6 ([ms1W]) 10 shimodahito 8-7 ([J13E])
Kitahotaru 9-6 ([ms3E]) 11 Kasamatsuri 9-6 ([ms3W])
Ihopeso 10-5 ([ms8W]) 12 Sakura 7-8 ([J12E])
iwakoko 7-8 ([J12W]) 13 Rowitoro KOSHO ([J13W])
chishafuwaku 2-13 ([J2E]) 14 Kaiowaka 6-9 ([J10W])

Tenshinhan 4-11 ([J7E]) ms1 Kotononami 7-8 ([J14E])
Basoyama 8-7 ([ms4W]) 2 Hironoumi KOSHO ([ms2W])
Chisaiyama 8-7 ([ms5E]) 3 Takanorappa 6-9 ([J14W])
Kintsubasa KOSHO ([ms4E]) 4 Senkoho 8-7 ([ms6E])
Ekigozan 0-0-15 ([J3E]) 5 Heiyu 8-7 ([ms7E])
Kitanoyama 9-6 ([ms12W]) 6 Bunijiman 9-6 ([ms13W])
Wamahada 7-8 ([ms6W]) 7 Mukanibaru 8-7 ([ms11W])
Akokoneko 7-8 ([ms7W]) 8 Marushiki 4-11 ([ms2E])
VESHANA KOSHO ([ms9E]) 9 Homuburyuwa 8-7 ([ms14E])
Nekonishiki KOSHO ([ms10E]) 10 Kyodaitimu KOSHO ([ms10W])
Maeden 5-10 ([ms5W)] 11 Mmikasazuma 5-10 ([ms8E])
Unagiyutaka 6-9 ([ms12E]) 12 Aminoumi 4-11 ([ms13E])
Hibarifuji KOSHO ([ms14W]) 13 Kofujinokami KOSHO ([ms15E])
sekihiryu KOSHO ([ms15W]) 14 Kitakachiyama II 7-8 ([Y1E])
Nanahachi 0-0-15 ([ms9W])
Smoczayama 0-0-15 ([ms11E])

 on: September 27, 2017, 07:35:53 PM 
Started by Jejima - Last post by Jejima

Hi all,

After the news regarding Yokozuna Kitakachiyama's intai, I am pleased to be the bearer of some happier news.

The banzuke makers have decided to promote ScreechingOwl to the rank of Ozeki for the November banzuke.

Although ScreechingOwl fell just short of the usual guidelines for promotion. (He has 29 wins over his past three bashos, and the guidelines state 30 wins), his remarkable consistency (57 wins over the past 6 bashos), was taken into consideration.

Congratulations on your promotion! We look forward to reading ScreechingOwl's acceptance speech.

Jejima (BS Rijicho)

 on: September 27, 2017, 06:53:45 PM 
Started by Kovir Wyttcliff Gerra - Last post by clancy

 on: September 26, 2017, 06:28:20 PM 
Started by Jejima - Last post by Jejima
Dear all,

I have received the following message from Marushiki, the Chair of the Bench Sumo Yokozuna Deliberation Council. (the rijicho's comments follow after)

Venerable Rijicho

It is with heavy hearts that the BSYDC have met to discuss our Yokozuna.

Kitakachiyama has always tried his best, and has kept honour to the name of Yokozuna.  His performance leading up to his promotion to this esteemed rank was outstanding.  But as with those who have gone before, it is difficult to maintain such great feats.   (Especially when you are relying on a bunch of real guys who may be struggling for one reason or another)

After much deliberation and soul searching the BSYDC must sadly ask for Kitakachiyama to Intai. 

We would like to thank him for his diligence, and persistence in trying to maintain his rank.

We hope that he understands our decision and is happy starting back at Kitakachiyama II in the lower ranks.   

Marushiki (Chair BSYDC)

As rijicho, I ask the Yokozuna to give his response to the BSYDC as soon as possible. (within 48 hours would be preferred, in order to give the Banzuke makers time to make the new banzuke.)

With retirement, Kitakachiyama would be invited to rejoin  the banzuke at ms10W. (although he may choose to restart from the very bottom, which would be, ummm, ms14W, so not too much difference these days.)

I personally would like to thank Kitakachiyama for his exciting rise to reach the top rank, and for his service as Yokozuna. Bench Sumo is always best, when there is a Yokozuna at the summit.

Jejima (BS rijicho)

 on: September 24, 2017, 10:41:58 AM 
Started by ronnie - Last post by Seisset
getting a yusho with 5 days at 5- points in sumogame... just weird Cheesy


 on: September 24, 2017, 10:25:16 AM 
Started by ronnie - Last post by Simon
Tamawashi basically ruined my day in multiple games and cost me quite a few Masters points.  Annoying jun yusho in Oracle, where I would have won if I'd predicted Endo 7-8 instead of 6-9...so much for pre-basho keiko reports.  Hoshitori is a further six points.  May get top five in UDH.  And Salarycap is not impossible as I had the yusho lad as well as two sansho boys.  We won't find out for over a week though.  So I should end up with 24-30 points...for which I am grateful in this worst-ever tournament mess.

See yers in Kyushu!

 on: September 24, 2017, 10:21:04 AM 
Started by ronnie - Last post by Simon
Well done to Seisset, who prevailed in the Juryo yusho death match.  And very unlucky for Seb...but he gets that jun yusho at least.  And congrats to Scott on that final-day KK.

Looks like Jan and Panda will be sekiwake and Ganzo will be komusubi in November.  Scott will probably miss out with all those 10-5s around him.  Owl may well have saved himself with that brilliant winning streak.  Chankoyama is definitely back in Makuuchi.  And Hal has an outside chance too, but it will be a close one.

Final Standings:

   Rank         Wins      Points      AADs      Opp AADs      10      8+      5-      TB      TB+      Who?      SG shikona   
   EO1      7-8      88-86      10      8      0      1      6      7      3      Simon      Pandaazuma   
   ES1      7-8      89-97      8      12      0      5      7      5      3      Alexander      Ganzohnesushi   
   WK1      10-5      93-83      10      6      0      2      3      3      1      Jan      Kuroimori   
   EM2      8-7      92-91      10      8      0      4      5      2      1      Scott      Haidouzo   
   EM5      6-9      87-94      6      10      0      1      5      4      3      Sergio      Chishafuwaku   
   EM6      7-8      85-83      6      6      0      2      9      3      1      Rupert      Rupatengu   
   WM7      5-10      87-89      8      9      0      3      6      3      1      Gary      Chocshoporyu   
   EM9      9-6      94-90      10      10      0      4      6      4      3      Renaud      Kotononami   
   EM12      11-4J      92-88      10      8      0      2      4      2      2      Eric      Sebunshu   
   EM16      7-8      87-87      9      8      0      2      8      3      0      Douglas      ScreechingOwl   
   WJ1      7-8      86-92      7      10      0      2      6      8      4      Mark      Fujiyama   
   EJ2      12-3J      89-79      8      5      0      4      5      6      6      Miyako      Chankoyama   
   WJ4      9-6      94-87      9      10      0      3      4      4      3      Hal      Chisaiyama   
   WJ12      13-2Y      92-83      10      6      0      3      5      3      3      Seisset      Hakubayama   
   EJ14      10-5      89-82      9      6      0      2      6      4      2      Stefan      Sagi   
   WJ14      9-6      84-84      8      5      0      1      5      2      1      Ronnie      Gawasukotto   
   Ems25      11-4      90-86      10      6      0      1      4      3      3      Jezz      Jejima   

 on: September 24, 2017, 07:08:29 AM 
Started by ronnie - Last post by Haidouzo
8-7 in SG with a win over Gurowake on senshuraku.  (And 12-3 in the Cup.)

10-5J in Bench is almost certainly going to be the best points I see.

A perfect day to conclude DST is good for 9-6.

Also 9-6 (30th place) in ISP.

Missed again in Odd, and while I'm still 39th of 61, I'm not expecting to keep sekiwake.

5-10 and 43rd of 61 in Quad.  Not keeping komusubi.

5-10 in Toto.  I don't know where that puts me but how in the world I'm 5-10 here but 10-5 in Bench and 8-7 in SG I'll never quite completely understand.

And 5-10 (tied for 11th) and 20th place in TTT, which simply must be good enough not to be concerned about being kadoban next time.  (Only one KK in the whole game!)

A 10-5 8th place (a four-way tie for 7th for points) might be the only pre-basho points I'll see until the final Salarycap results arrive.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who will secretly be praying for something approaching normalcy in November.


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