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April 26, 2017, 05:24:12 PM
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 on: April 06, 2017, 03:02:10 PM 
Started by yorikiried by fate - Last post by yorikiried by fate
It's a house of zombies, nevertheless, THE GRAPH has been updated. Find it here:

Nicely done, thanks.  Don't cuddle porcupines?? Smiley

You're welcome.

It's an indirect quote from a Genesis song (Hairless Heart on The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway). I seem to remember that it was used as some kind of sexual chiffre. Then again, when I heard that record for the first time I was at an age at which I perceived pretty much everything as a sexual chiffre, so I might be mistaken.

I don't have a clue why this popped up in my head when looking for the final sentence of the small print. I like such moments of creative immediacy.

 on: March 28, 2017, 04:04:43 AM 
Started by Jejima - Last post by Jejima
Hi everyone,

We all thought that this would be a tricky banzuke to put together, but in the end it turned out to be quite simple.   The banzuke making commitee are Flohru, Kaiomitsuki and me (Jejima), with Ekigozan, Kintamayama and Asashosakari looking on.

There are some players with real bad luck (apologies to those) - but also there are some players with lots of good luck (check out some of the promotions in Makunouchi!)

Anyways, here it is!


Kitakachiyama (Y1E 7-8)  Y1
Itachiyama (O1W 10-5)    O1   Susanoo (O1E 7-8)
ScreechingOwl (S2W 9-6)  S1   Itachi (S1W 8-7)
Konosato (M2E 10-5)      S2   Gurowake (S1E KOSHO)
Damimonay (M7W 12-3)     K1   Rubensan (M5W 11-4)
                        K2   Kintamayama (M4W 10-5)

Ruziklao (M3W 9-6)       M1   kuroimori (K1E 7-8)
Taka (K1W 7-8)           2    Metzinowaka (M7E 10-5)
Gaijingai (M6E 8-7)      3    pandaazuma (M6W 8-7)
Hokuyutaka (M1W 6-9)     4    Ekigozan (M17E 11-4)
tokugawa (M15W 10-5)     5    Haidouzo (M13W 9-6)
Flohru (M1E 5-10)        6    Gawasukotto (M15E 9-6)
Watashi (M4E 6-9)        7    Saruyama (M2W 5-10)
Hana-ichi (M5E 6-9)      8    Pitinosato (M3E 5-10)
Leonishiki (M9E KOSHO)   9    tainosen (M13E 8-7)
Norizo (M16E 9-6)   10   Chocshoporyu (M9W 7-8)
Smoczayama (M11E KOSHO)  11   Jakusotsu (M8E 6-9)
Chimatayama (M14E 8-7)   12   Oshirokita (J6W 12-3)
Getayukata (M10W 6-9)    13   Yassier (J3W 10-5)
GONZABUROW (M11W 6-9)    14   Yamashade (M16W 8-7)
nomadwolf (M10E 5-10)    15   Boltbutthamma (M14W 7-8)
shimodahito (J5W 10-5)   16   kamogawa (J1W 8-7)
Bill (M12W 6-9)          J1   Achiyama (M8W 4-11)
Terarno (J4E 8-7)    2    Maguroyama (J2W KOSHO)
Unkonoyama (J8W 10-5)        3    mischashimaru (M12E 4-11)
Chijanofuji (J7W 8-7)    4    Tsunamiko (J10W 9-6)
Roundeye (J5E KOSHO)     5    Fujisan (M17W 5-10)
Furanohana (J6E KOSHO)   6    Kotononami (J2E 6-9)
Anjoboshi (J8E 8-7)       7    Kaiowaka (J4W 7-8)
chishafuwaku (J11E 9-6)  8    Kaiomitsuki (J3E 5-10)
iwakoko (J1E 4-11)       9    Holleshoryu (J9W KOSHO)
Tenshinhan (J10E KOSHO)  10   toonoryu (ms2E 11-4)
Sherlockiama (ms3E 10-5) 11   Jejima (ms3W 10-5)
Chisaiyama (ms9W 12-3)   12   Kasamatsuri (ms5E 10-5)
Aome (J13E KOSHO)        13   Rowitoro (ms1W 8-7)
Frinkanohana (J7E 4-11)  14   Kintsubasa (J14W KOSHO)

Randomitsuki (ms4W 9-6)  ms1  Marushiki (J14E 7-8)
Sebunshu (J11W 5-10) 2    fujiyama (J12E 5-10)
Sakura (ms8E 9-6)     3    Wamahada (ms8W 9-6)
Fujiko (ms2W 7-8)        4    Nanahachi (ms12W 10-5)
Kyodaitimu (ms6E 8-7)    5    VESHANA (ms6W 8-7)
Takanorappa (J13W 5-10)  6    Akokoneko (ms1E 6-9)
Senkoho (J12W 4-11)      7    Hironoumi (ms13E 9-6)
Mariohana (ms10W 8-7)    8    Kitanoyama (ms7W 7-8)
Andoreasu (ms14E 9-6)  9    Mukanibaru (ms17W 10-5)
andonishiki (ms4E 5-10)  10   Aminoumi (ms9E 7-8)
Heiyu (ms11E KOSHO)      11   Doitsuyama (J9E 0-0-15)
Mmikasazuma (ms12E KOSHO) 12  Hibarifuji (ms17E 9-6)
Bunijiman (ms11W 7-8)    13   Basoyama (ms7E 4-11)
Nekonishiki (ms15E 5-10) 14   Ihopeso (ms14W KOSHO)
Rikishimiezi (ms13W 4-11) 15  Kitahotaru (ms18W 5-10)
sekihiryu (ms18E 4-11)   16   Unagiyutaka (ms16W 2-13)

Robocopthat (ms5W 0-0-15)
Maeden (ms10E 0-0-15)
Sokkenaiyama (ms15W 0-0-15)
Kofujinokami (ms16E 0-0-15)

 on: March 27, 2017, 09:02:02 AM 
Started by Simon - Last post by Simon
I thought I was pretty lucky to beat Scott - I wasn't happy with my picks, but at least I was aware enough to avoid Shodai, whose head dropped in week two.  12-3 should put me at sekiwake though unless he chooses to go with three next time.  And yes, Scott - never second guess!  I've learned to do this (but I have occasional lapses...fortunately rarely these days).

My prediction about top-three finishes being important was prophetic.  I've been general abysmal in multiple games but an Oracle yusho, Sumo Game jun yusho and a third-place finish in Norizo along with fifth place in Hoshitori have very likely given me my seventh Green Mawashi.  With Susanoo likely to be second, I won't put much of a dent in his lead, but considering I got this basho so badly wrong, I'm not complaining.  I could easily have had zero...and he would be out of reach by now.

Not much need for my usual review.  Basically I was awful.  A 9-6 in Toto and a comeback 8-7 (after a 0-4 start and a team of morons) in Bench were the only other highlights!

I have a new plan of action for May to combat the recent unpredictability of Maegashira.  Let's see how badly it backfires! Wink


 on: March 26, 2017, 01:56:46 PM 
Started by Simon - Last post by ronnie
Highlight for me this basho is finally getting KK in Makuuchi for the first time at (I think) the fifth attempt. Even put some polish on it with a GBL on Senshuraku.

 on: March 26, 2017, 06:58:42 AM 
Started by Simon - Last post by Haidouzo
Some day, I will learn.

"Kise is 2nd most likely to win, Machine?  That can't be right.  There are things you haven't learned to consider yet.  And Koto in 8th?  There must be SOMEONE better.  You're a little slow on the uptake with the finer details, Machine.  I'll just have to move 11th and 12th up, just to be safe."

Traded Kise and Koto (2 winners) for 1 winner and 1 loser in SG, converting an 8-8 tiebreak win and a 5-way split of the jun-yusho into an 8-7 loss and a 5-way split of 6th place.  3 points.

Not quite as bad as when I overruled it and turned a TTT yusho into a jun-yusho, but bad enough.

Still, at least I finished with the DST yusho (by 1 point).  15 points.

I think it's a three-way tie in Bingo for 10th place.  0.33 points.

I believe it goes by points and not win-loss in POG, right?  If so, 11th place.

Two more days to count in Salarycap (7th and 15th), but it sure looks like I should be near 3rd place.  10 points.

Gambled my way down to about 13th in Odd.

28.33?  And a yusho?  I've done worse.  And it looks like a pretty good score for a basho like this.

And a well-earned Baka Cup for me, after overruling the Machine again on senshuraku, after it had taught me not to in the past.

(But come on.  Kise?  I know you're not blaming me, Simon, after your #1 pick.)

See you in May!

 on: March 26, 2017, 06:55:16 AM 
Started by Simon - Last post by Simon
The Panda finished with a rather fortunate win (Hokutofuji and Ikioi in particular were in trouble to the last second) over Scott to 'win' the Baka Cup, meaning of course Scott gets to keep the trophy in his cellar for another two months!  Jun yusho and a 12-3 record looks a lot better than the actual numbers put up by Panda, but it wasn't a bad performance either.  Jan also won to finish joint third with an 11-4 record.  Scott will have to make do with a 10-5 along with Chisha.  Special mentions to Renaud, Gary and Rando who all deserved far more with some good scoring.  Rando will be getting the gino-sho, I think - well deserved.

Hal lost in Juryo but it didn't matter of course.  Seisset's faith in Kise paid off in spades against heya mate Chankoyama.  And well done to Mark and Ronnie for finishing on a song and nice winning records.

Stefan got a nice boost with his ninth win...and Jezz won to make it more respectable.

Of the current sanyaku, three are out (including Seb).  Three of them will be sekiwake and two will be komusubi.  With the M1s both losing their 7-7 bouts today, it looks like Panda, Jan and Scott (in that order) will be promoted.  Panda and Jan will also be on Ozeki runs, with only 10 required to reach the magic 31.  Priority will be given to the Panda if he makes sekiwake, I imagine, but I'm not sure how it will work.

Our Maegashira lads are all safe and Chankoyama and possibly Chisaiyama are going up.  And that's about it.

A bit of a mixed bag for STI but generally positive and we have a yusho and jun yusho!

See you all in May!

Final Standings:

   Rank         Wins      Points      AADs      Opp AADs      10      8+      5-      TB      TB+      Who?      SG shikona   
   EK1      5-10      91-99      5      12      0      1      5      2      2      Eric      Sebunshu   
   EM2      6-9      92-92      9      10      0      4      3      5      0      Douglas      ScreechingOwl   
   WM2      7-8      98-104      10      14      0      5      3      4      3      Renaud      Kotononami   
   WM3      5-10      97-105      11      12      0      5      5      3      2      Rupert      Rupatengu   
   WM4      10-5      101-93      11      10      0      4      2      5      4      Scott      Haidouzo   
   WM5      11-4      100-97      12      10      0      3      2      5      5      Jan      Kuroimori   
   EM6      12-3J      101-97      10      7      0      5      2      4      4      Simon      Pandaazuma   
   WM6      8-7      97-96      9      8      0      3      4      5      3      Alexander      Ganzohnesushi   
   EM12      7-8      102-103      14      11      0      4      2      5      2      Gary      Chocshoporyu   
   EM13      10-5      98-96      10      8      0      3      3      5      3      Sergio      Chishafuwaku   
   EM14      9-6      105-100      12      11      0      4      1      7      4      Juergen      Randomitsuki   
   WJ1      6-9      94-98      7      11      0      2      4      2      2      Seisset      Hakubayama   
   EJ2      8-7      97-98      8      8      0      2      1      5      3      Miyako      Chankoyama   
   EJ10      9-6      100-99      11      8      0      5      5      3      2      Mark      Fujiyama   
   WJ11      8-7      99-98      9      9      0      4      3      3      1      Ronnie      Gawasukotto   
   WJ13      12-3Y      94-91      10      5      0      1      3      7      7      Hal      Chisaiyama   
   Wms10      9-6      96-90      9      8      0      6      5      3      2      Stefan      Sagi   
   Wms21      7-8      98-94      10      8      0      3      2      3      0      Jezz      Jejima   

 on: March 25, 2017, 08:27:20 AM 
Started by shimodahito - Last post by shimodahito
and with two remaining 7-0 Jonidan'rs, a bonus:



Player(s) up for points:
Achiyama's rikishi pick is WAKAYAMA
Pitinosato's rikishi pick is WAKAYAMA
Sukubidubidu's rikishi pick is WAKAYAMA
a loss = 1 point, but a win = 3 points and an opportunity for more points in the next torch match

4 points - Jason
4 points - kuroimori
4 points - Shokikogi
3 points - Achiyama
3 points - Pitinosato
3 points - Sukubidubidu

 on: March 25, 2017, 08:10:18 AM 
Started by Simon - Last post by Simon
Looking at the Masters...it's still incredibly open.  No one is dominating at all as far as I can see.  If I'm right, with a good day tomorrow I could even win this, which would be ludicrous considering how badly I've played.  Scott has leaked a lot of points and Tipspiel and SG are now the only big scorers.  He MAY get lucky in PO and Bingo with a good last day - that happens sometimes.  Rando is in a few but I don't think he can score big points...same goes for Ganzo - he really needs ISP and Toto to go well.

A Takayasu win tomorrow along with an upset of Giku by Yoshikaze along with wins for Shin, Mita, Oki and Aoiyama could spell a nice haul for the Panda.  Now watch the opposite happen!


 on: March 25, 2017, 06:51:43 AM 
Started by Simon - Last post by Haidouzo
Losses across the board, except in DST, where another comfortably above-average day keeps my lead at 5 points, and spreads out the herd behind me a little bit.  With only one more day to go, anything but a complete meltdown should keep the yusho safe.  And now 10th in Odd after more perhaps ill-advised gambling.  (Of course, I also tell myself that if I'd just sat on my points, everyone else would have bet and won.)

Should be SOME points in SG, but to win in the Baka Cup and bring myself up to 11-4 would either be a big jun-yusho split or a smaller tie for 3rd and some good points.

I think those and Salarycap are my last chances for points now.  Perhaps I'll keep tortoising my way with about 30 points most basho.


 on: March 25, 2017, 04:01:40 AM 
Started by Simon - Last post by Simon
Lucky win in SG keeps me in the running for jun yusho and 12 wins - Masters points are the priority, of course, but 12 wins would leave me needing ten in May for an Ozeki promotion (if I'm in sanyaku). The other dailies are a flop - the only chance would be a big win in Odd Sumo.  I was gutted today that none of the judges noticed Takayasu cheating during that mawashi matta - he moved his hand to a better position.  If Takarafuji had won, I'd have picked up a big Odd Sumo win!

Norizo and Hoshitori all look good and I also have a chance of yusho or jun yusho in Oracle, although Choshu Yuki has a slight advantage now after I had a nightmare in Makuuchi today.  Hironoumi and Rando are also up there, I think.  A jun yusho for Takayasu would be good for Salarycap and I'm hoping for sansho for him and Chiyoshoma.  That's about it.  But a lucky day tomorrow could bring in quite a few points despite my horrendous overall performance.

Still laughing about getting Scott on day 15 when we are 7-7!  Brilliant!


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